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EGERIA is a female vocal ensemble that will show you that medieval music is not a thing of the past. With their work, they propose to break down the barriers of a repertoire relegated to oblivion and mistreated by history, and rediscover it for you.


EGERIA reveals that medieval music is much more than you ever imagined: it is a repertoire directly linked to the most fundamental essence of the human being. It is a completely multifaceted and holistic music that, even with the most basic tools, will make you connect with the celestial and the earthly, with the spiritual and the mundane, with the visible and the invisible. You will tread the paths of love and pain, comedy and satire, politics and history, with issues that are not only not far detached from our reality, but are still inherent to life as we know it today. With a musical language that will surprise you.


Because EGERIA and medieval music rules and we invite you to witness it.

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